Warzone LFG Community is growing! (Warzone.me)

Warzone LFG Community is growing! (Warzone.me)

Hey everyone,

Our community almost has 1K Members and we are becoming larger. If you are looking for groups in Warzone, we offer the best tools to play.

New Features

  • Verified Users (Streamers/High KD/Content Creators) Channels & more
  • Community Forums: https://warzone.me – Indept community for Warzone players & pro players.
  • Almost 1K Team mates to play with
  • Live Roles ( When you go live you get a special role on our discord. (Free advertisement)
  • A lot of new things to discover

Join our Community today

No better time to join our growing community is by joining today!

Our Warzone LFG Community/ Warzone Community is not only LFG, we are more a family/friends then just random people together 🙂

So join us today here are some quick links:

Discord Invite

Warzone Forums

Warzone LFG

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